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Russian women at all times were considered the most beautiful. They became queens, duchess, wives of sultans, great musicians, artists, writers. And when in the early 90s all the borders opened, the boom on Russian brides reached its apogee. Foreigners came themselves or found intermediaries, just to grab a beautiful Russian wife. To date, nothing has changed: foreigners are eager to get the Russian bride, and the girls are not averse to leaving for the overseas prince. At the same time, getting married successfully has chances even for a large divorced mother.

Very often Russian women set an example of the success of European women. But why then do foreigners prefer to marry Russian brides? The thing is that Western girls massively plunged into the fight for their rights and mired in feminism: no need for flowers and perfumes, compliments for them are equal to insult, and courtship became a waste of time. Of course, Western men began to look for a way out and found it in the post-Soviet space. Now even there are special agencies that are engaged in the selection of the Russian mail order brides. In general, brides for export. And the most interesting thing is that the language barrier, ignorance of laws and customs, absolutely alien environment and the absence of friends do not become an obstacle to happiness.

Russian female is programmed to please her husband. She is well-groomed and combed from the very morning, shopping is elegantly dressed. She uses cosmetics and elegant clothes for walks and meetings with friends, whereas even French and Italians wear spectacular dresses exclusively for social events. Scandinavians, for example, choose Russian women not so much for beauty, as for housekeeping and the desire to bear children. Yes, many international families are crumbling, because such desirable foreign princes are often greedy and inattentive men. But divorce statistics says that marriages with foreigners are much stronger. Most often, girls go to Germany, the UK, Turkey, Italy, the United States, and recently they are also going to China.

And the best European husbands Russian ladies believe the Spaniards and the British. Good and reliable husbands are considered Chinese, whom Russian girls are increasingly choosing to create a family. You can have more than one child with a foreigner: in China, mixed families have no restrictions on the number of children. Strange, but for a divorced woman with children it is much easier to find a new husband among foreigners than among compatriots. In many countries, family values ​​are honored, and children in strong families have a lot. Having a child is considered as confirmation of her serious attitude to the future marriage and the absence of adventurism. And a man may not have children because of some disease, but wants adoptive. For him, a gentle woman with children is a real gift of fate.

International marriage is always very interesting. But do not forget that you are waiting for a different culture, customs and even religion. After all, women often flee to another country not because they are not in their suitors, but from themselves.

Therefore, it is very important to understand yourself, remove all psychological blocks, understand what you want from life and relationships, and only then build them with the right man. If a woman and a man are ready for a serious relationship and work on them, then they will be happy with each other.


How To Find A Wife There?


Find a Russian wife through a marriage agency is quite real. For this you need to contact a proven official marriage agency or the best Russian dating sites, which has already been in the market for several years and has a reputation. After that you should get membership there.  Usually, first in such an agency, a questionnaire is filled in according to interests and personal data, then you are selected the options of partners. The correspondence through the website or e-mail agency begins, they will help you to translate the letter into a foreign language, if necessary. Then you are already in correspondence with the selected candidate in person. And then - a meeting in real life. Then everything depends on how you approach each other, as well as in ordinary life.

A certain stage of the inner maturity of a man is accompanied by the appearance of new questions, the subject of most of which concerns where and how to meet Russian women. By that age, when a career is arranged and life or approximately it became clear where to go, a man realizes that temporary companions take too much power, are not a reliable support, and life values ​​themselves change and I want an understanding person to be near.

In this question “how to find a Russian wife” it is necessary to decide on your own requirements, wishes and life goals. The better a person knows himself, the easier it is for him to choose a partner and the easier it is to build relationships with him. It is important for someone that hot Russian brides emphasize status, and he will choose in appearance and education, another wants it to be a true friend, sharing views on life and then appearance will be secondary, there are those who are interested in how to find rich wife, and for them the criteria are completely different.

Try as accurately as possible to present your future life, with which you will be comfortable. Marriage is the place where a person can be completely, reveal all of his inner sides and improve. That is why it makes sense to look among people close in mind, but not to be deceived by the first impression. If you like a girl, she can make tremendous efforts to win your love, but not to be frank. Such relationships are destroyed after a couple of years, when she becomes unable to smile at what she considered to be shortcomings, and you will not eradicate it in yourself, because you initially chose the person who accepts you to be so. Try it, but even if confidence in your darling has settled in your head, take a year - usually this time is enough for people to know each other in different situations, conflict several times and show many of their negative qualities. If for a long time you still want to stay with a Russian girl, then you can get married, if you constantly want to correct her behavior and attitudes, then it is better to let a person live her life.

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Family values for Russian girl


  1. A Russian woman respects men - girls from about five years old still begin to explain to girls about the age of five: the best thing they can do in life is to get married. Therefore, by the age of 18, the girl is firmly convinced: she, of course, can conquer space, invent a cure for cancer, save the planet from an environmental catastrophe, but all this costs nothing and does not interest anyone until she has a wedding ring on her finger and a stamp in her passport . And if so, there is nothing to be wasted on trifles, we must immediately realize its main purpose. The status of a married lady for her is something like a quality mark. And if the husband is a citizen of another country, then this is not just quality, this is already the highest grade. For this you can respect a little man. And even to forgive him all the flaws, including alcoholism and impotence. But just until the moment he becomes her husband;
  2. Russian woman does not compete with a man - what for? It is much more convenient if he has a strong shoulder or a stone wall, and she successfully asked for it "on the handles." Let a man think where to live and how to earn money, and she will indicate where to go on vacation and what kind of fur coat she needs to buy this season. And just try to argue! She knows her rights: a man owes her, simply because he is a man;
  3. Beautiful Russian women are disinterested concerning money - they are ready to endure all the hardships and financial hardships. At the same time they will always find something to feed her household;
  4. The Russian woman is wise and patient - “Husband is head, wife is neck” —not one nation of the world seems to have a similar saying. A Russian woman is more likely to die than to say directly and honestly, than she is dissatisfied and what she needs. She will sadly sigh, roll her eyes, and this one, who her husband, let him jump, lost in conjecture. Did not guess? Begin to drop bitter tears beautifully on tremulous chest. I guess, but not in a hurry to perform? We look into the distance with blurred eyes and make it clear that in such a tragic situation, proximity is by no means impossible, and so on. In a word, “you can do everything you want, but if you don’t do what I need, then I will die of melancholy and heart attack!” Direct and honest relationships are not for the Russian wife, because these men are so insidious that you can’t play openly;
  5. The Russian woman respects family values ​​- she will be attentive not only to her husband and children, but also to her husband's parents, his brothers and sisters;
  6. Russian woman - is a beautiful mother! - she perceives motherhood as a daily feat. For her, pregnancy is a unique state, the birth of a child is a heroic deed, and his upbringing is a high mission;
  7. A Russian woman is capable of sacrifice and compassion — the Russian will never quit an alcoholic, a bummer, a house tyrant and even a madman. She will carry her cross, because without her he will simply die!


First date – some life hacks


In all respects, the leader is a man. In conversation too. And it is not worth seriously discussing who is learning where, who he wants to be, when he grows up and how much he earns. This is the first sign that the second time you will not see. Need to talk "about nothing." How to do it? For example, you highlight something in her appearance and begin to describe, discuss, ask her. You can have fun over it, and then praise for something. This buildup, plus or minus.

In addition, you have to decide: do you want to have sex with her today or you are looking for Russian women for marriage, to interest her, so that you can see each other more than once. In the first case, you have to act much faster and tougher. Before the date, don’t even think about how it will pass and how it will end. It will keep you in constant tension, and the girl will feel it.

If the weather is good, you can go to the park for a walk, there are benches and many lonely places - a good opportunity to get close to the girl. Also a good option - various kinds of cafes, especially with soft sofas, where you can easily embrace her or take her hand.

If you want the second meeting after the first date, and the girl would like him more than you, you need to follow a certain strategy:


  1. To interest her - tell something unusual about yourself. About what you are interested in, what you do in life. Only not trivial. Even your work can be described in different ways. For example, you work as a logistics manager. Instead of telling how your work is called or how you sit in the office for days, you can tell about some interesting extraordinary event in your work. While Russian dating she will already be guessing what you are doing. But you can not reveal the cards to the end, in dealing with a girl, you must always keep the intrigue;

  2. Increase your own importance - the Russian girl should see your relevance in society, in particular, other girls. A simple example: I was now picked up by a friend to meet you, and we saw such a terrible accident. Emphasis on the accident, but the girl will immediately pay attention to the fact that in your life there is at least one girl. This creates competition;

  3. Creating trust is a very important stage. After your new acquaintance understands that you are a cool and successful guy, you must create an atmosphere of trust between you. This is very important for later convergence. For example, for one date you move to several places. You pick it up, you go to wash the car, then you sit in a cafe, then go to the store to choose a gift for your mom) Ie she experiences different situations with you and sees how you behave in them. In addition, it creates the illusion that you have known each other for a long time. Only after creating trust can you go to the last stage, especially if you have a goal today to seduce her.


What People Say About Mail-Order-Bride


Russian women are in the TOP of most desirable brides. The boom in popularity of Russian brides began in the early 1990s, when the borders opened, the world model business came to the country, and foreign tourists drove in droves. Why are Russian women so beautiful? It turned out that Russian girls are good-looking, naive, gentle - and in addition, in a strange way, they know how to cook, like home comfort. It was at that time, when Western ladies en masse plunged into the struggle for their rights and got bogged down in feminism: you don’t need flowers, compliments are insulted, courtship is a waste of time. Smart foreigners returned from new Russia with impressions and life companions

Russian mail order wives do not have any feminist views, they are more delicate in communication than foreign women. They value family and home, are economic and love to cook. “The path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach” - means that the stronger sex appreciates home comfort. And Russian women remember this and their economic skills willingly demonstrate. Russian mail order wives are good-looking, watch their appearance and clothes. And if a short skirt, immaculate proportions and stiletto shoes for Russian men are often the subject of stinging remarks, foreigners sincerely admire this. Many Western women treat themselves quite casually, do not refuse to eat for the sake of figure. Even French women rely on the notorious charm, not worrying about maintaining it. So, answering the question “are mail order brides real?” - it is possible to claim: yes, they are!


Are Russian brides legal?


Legitimate stay of Russian mail order wives abroad is the main task of the marriage agency. After examining the photos of the candidates, the groom is determined with a choice. Then the marriage agency will collect the documents and give consultations for the Russian mail order wives can legally come to her future husband.


What kind of men do Russian brides are looking for?


In order to understand what kind of men Russian women want, it is necessary to take into account that there are no ideal people, each person is individual and a man as well. And Russian singles build an ideal of many components, often simply incompatible with each other. That is why clearly highlight the female character traits in a man is so important. Extreme weakness and sensuality, as well as inability to counteract hostile reality, are inherent in the most feminine woman. Such Russian woman is only able to clap helplessly with long eyelashes, which causes a natural desire in men to wear a darling in their arms, to protect and protect. A courageous man, on the contrary, has a set of male qualities that radically distinguishes him from a pretty woman. These are, first of all, elevated levels of strength, energy, aggressiveness, decisiveness. Also, these men are able to survive the difficulties, not showing the form and not showing weakness. Such a man is a protector, a researcher of new territories and a breadwinner. Such a representative of the stronger sex is the masculine ideal for many women, they describe just such a chosen one when they are trying to find the answer to the question of what kind of man a woman needs. To at least a small step closer to this ideal, young people, making enormous efforts, pump themselves muscles. Thus, at least the appearance will be consistent with the image of women beloved heroes. So, young Russian girls prefer a tall, handsome and wealthy young man who puts all his energy and aggression into the cause, which gives him the opportunity to succeed in the profession, to behave confidently in society, but at the same time be somewhat closed and keep a distance. It seems that such a man is not capable of deep feelings, but this impression is deceptive.


How much does it cost to get a Russian bride?


Agency services with a good reputation will be expensive - from $ 1000. And how much you are willing to pay directly on the courtship of your future wife - it's up to you. Do not forget that if you still decide to invite her into your county, she must have a certain amount of money in her account. The size of the deposit is determined by each country individually and ranges from $ 350.


Guide to Finding Your Perfect Russian Bride (tips)


The main mistake of most men who want to find a Russian wife is to concentrate only on one woman. After several attempts at dating, you will surely find one that doesn’t really mind talking to you and going on dates. However, the number 1 is almost always bad. Even in business, there is such a thing as risk diversification, the essence of which is that "it is better to work in 10 directions so that at least something worked, rather than do something one and lose everything in case of failure."

When you start dating only one girl, you start to appreciate her more than she deserves (that same neediness, due to which many men suffer defeat). And if indifference appears on her part, you can turn into a boy running after her. And if you spend a lot of time communicating with her, then the desire to look for someone else will disappear altogether, and you can just despair. Therefore, make it a rule to communicate and meet with several sexy Russian women at once. With this approach, it will be easier to find a good wife, because each of them will feel in you independence and the "smell" of rivals. On the marriage agency platform, you will be able to pick up several candidates at once, having studied the characteristics of which you will be able to choose your ideal profile.